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For an easy, no-hassle shopping experience, choose Hansel Mazda. We are proud to be the premier destination to shop for, finance and service a great vehicle in the area.

In fact, it’s our low prices, top-notch customer service and large selection that brings our customers back time and time again. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect from a visit to Hansel Mazda.

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If you want something that they have to offer, you won't be disappointed. LOVED the 2019 Mx5 RF Club Package. Worth it
Hakuna Matata
I got my first major service on my new Mazda. Regan was the service rep who helped me. He was friendly and made helpful recommendation that would save me some money. The waiting area is clean, full of TV's and free popcorn, drinks and comfortable chairs. I was out of there in less time than I was quoted. Thanks Regan and Mazda.
Christa Cape
Great dealership with great cars
max enemark
Jay Gottlieb was the associate who helped me at Hansel Mazda. Being a young person, its difficult to walk into a dealership and have people take you seriously. Jay, however, was able to treat me like any other customer who walked through their doors and because of this was a great help to my girlfriend and I in the purchase of my new Mazda CX-5. Jay is exceptional and energetic and was always willing to help. Even now, days after my purchase, he is still willing to help me with questions about m... More
Very positive experience. Our salesperson, Eric, was very helpful and did not pressure us. The others we worked with were professional and courteous.
Chris Pooley
Go in and see Eddie he's a big guy with a big red beard. He will make sure that you're laughing the whole entire time while you're buying a car and he'll make sure is that servicing is easy also. His assistant Ralph is out-of-this-world funny also and awesome to work with. My friend just bought a car there and it was an absolute blast i was told.
keena feola
I talked with Carol and Learnda and they were both very nice and willing to help me. When it comes to buying a Mazda I would not go anywhere else. Definitely gives the best prices of any dealer I have dealt with.
Richard Pina
Great service, great place to hang out and wait while car is being service
Tevita Moce
Great experience! We've bought 2 Mazda in our life now, love them both. They payed attention to our little dog while we were waiting on paperwork. I will say, NOTHING TO DO WITH HANSEL, but we just can't get who ever handles the Mazda payment to send us a bill! We've tried 5 times. Now our credit is ruined. The # is in India, they just can't understand us. Hope Mazda changes this soon!
Excellent and friendly service.
Karen Wilder